De Groene Loper Run

De snelle hardloopwedstrijd de Groene Loper Run terug naar Maastricht. Naast een mooi en snel 5 km en 10 km parcours en een halve marathon wordt er voor de derde editie van de wedstrijd een marathon toegevoegd aan het rijtje met afstanden die op de Groene Loper verlopen worden.

The competition, known for its courses where many PR’s get crushed, takes its participants over the Groene Loper, an area on top of the A2 tunnels in Maastricht, just as previous years.


The Groene Loper

The Groene Loper is the area on top of the A2 tunnels in Maastricht. Where once the highway and the accompanying traffic rushed through the middle of the city, there is now a beautiful, green environment where people come together to live, work and relax. With the festive opening weekend of the Groene Loper in 2018, the area was figuratively given back to the city.


Do you remember?

Before the tunnel was put into use at the end of 2016, visitors were able to walk and cycle through the tunnels one last time. The A2 Tunnel Run for Charity was also organized during this Tunnel Weekend. Enthusiasts were given the opportunity to run through the tunnel tubes just once. It was a true spectacle and around 1,700 runners enjoyed the unique course. At that time there was already talk of the Groene Loper.

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