Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run lanceert Maastricht Marathon estafette

Foto: Aron Nijs Fotografie

In addition to the new marathon, the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run is also launching a Relay Marathon. The first edition of the Relay Marathon of the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run will occur on Easter Monday, April 13 at 9:00 am. Throughout the Relay Marathon, a team of two or three people will run in separate turns to complete a full marathon.

For numerous, completing a marathon is still a step beyond themselves. That is why the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run offers a fitting solution: A Relay Marathon. The marathon course is split into three sections, consisting of the following distances; 14.5 kilometers, 14.5 kilometers and 13.2 kilometers.

“Because it is of high importance to the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run that everyone can exercise, we want to enable participants to achieve their sporting ambitions that may seem impossible at first. We are convinced that this will remove the threshold for many athletes to participate in a marathon, this way we can provide more athletes with the pleasure and satisfaction of running such a race”, says Rob Frambach, race director of the Maastricht run.

The Relay Marathon starts at 9:00 am, similar to the marathon. For the first edition of the Relay Marathon, 50 team tickets are available. Each team ticket consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of three starting numbers. 

Register for the Relay Marathon
Registration for the Relay Marathon is possible via the website of the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run. When registering as a Relay Team, the participants receive a medal and a finishing shirt from the Enexis Huis Groene Loper Run as soon as they have crossed the finish line.